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In this post you are going to learn how to watch movies free online now in the comfort of your home.  You will learn how to watch movies free online now without downloading.  In a hurry?  Just buy the Rominetak Q-Box  It is pre-loaded with everything you need to immediately start to watch movies free online without downloading right out of the box.  I urge you not to fall prey to the websites you find online to watch free movies.  There are no legitimate mainstream movie streaming sites that aren't credit card scams and schemes to do this.   What you will learn in this blog post is by far the safest, easiest and best way to watch movies free online now without any hidden fees or sales funnels.

4 Simple Steps How I Watch Movies Free Online Now:

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Buy Q-Box
  3. Plug-in
  4. Watch cinema movies online and tv for free

If you want to know more about how to watch movies free online now just keep reading.

I am going to show you the simplest, safest way to watch movies online without downloading.  Many sites (the top 10) are nothing more than slick websites designed to lure you into thinking you can watch your favorite movies online but trust me when I tell you this.  Those sites are nothing but click-bait, bot networks designed to steal information, load up Trojan horse programs onto your computer or bait you into starting some movie only to stop it minutes into it and ask you to buy something or register for a free account which turns out not to be free.

Watch Free Movies Online Now Without Registering for Anything

Watch Movies Free Online Now
You are looking at the Rominetak [Q-Box 2G/16G] Android 5.1 Lollipop TV Box Quad Core 4K UHD 3D 1000M LAN Dual Band 2.4G/5G Wifi Kodi 16.1 Fully Loaded Root Unlocked Streaming Media Player. This little box for ~$80 is all you need to plug and play to watch movies free online now. There is no subscription fees, no memberships, nothing more to buy. It's just Android 5.1 with a few pre-installed fully loaded programs that allow you get at all your movies and tv shows online for free. Hands down this is the best little TV box you'll never need. You can watch movies online without downloading the second you plug this in and connect it to the internet.
There is no such website you are going to find today that just let's you watch your favorite movies online for free without asking for something in return.  Unless you know what you are doing, have an Ad-blocker installed and can avoid/ignore the spam popups and deceptive links, you'll end up sucked into some funnel that is designed to sell you something or worse yet, steal your information and secretly download some program in the background.

Now you can go ahead and watch movies online with some of those websites if you know how to do it.  Here's what my buddy said during a conversation.

Spam is okay.  I can get around most of it.  Some really bad malware vectors though.  How else you gonna build a botnet? - My savvy friend

Now for him, maybe that's fine.  But for the rest of us, it's not.  One slip up and you might have a nasty virus installed.

Again, let me be very clear, do not use websites to watch movies online unless:

  • You are very tech savvy
  • You have some type of malware removal
  • You have an Adblocker installed
  • You remove temporary files after streaming movies

I'm tech savvy myself and it's too much of a bother and not nearly as easy or convenient as what I am describing to you in this post.

The BEST Way to Watch Movies Free Online Now:

I'm here to tell you the BEST way watch movies free online now is by using a Rominetak Q-Box which is an Android TV box but fully loaded and unlocked with the precise software you need to just watch online movies.  There is an upfront cost to the small device but after that, there is no sign up, no memberships, no subscriptions, and nothing else to buy or upgrade ever.  It's a one time low investment that will allow for online free streaming of thousands of movies and tv shows.  From new releases, to oldies but goodies you will be streaming movies in no time at all.

Let me break it down to you... this Android TV box comes loaded with everything you need to find your favorite movies and tv shows that you can play online for free without downloading.  Because it is an Android box, you can load up most any apps you can that you'll find off the Google Play store.  But it's not necessary and I really don't recommend doing that.  Everything you need to watch movies free online now is shipped to you when you purchase this device.  You really don't need to do anything else to make it work.  You don't buy additional apps, you don't need to load anything else.  It comes in 100% working order.  Find your favorite movies and watch them.  The Q-Box has no ads or popups ever.

Hardware Specs for the Rominetak Q-Box:

  • 4 core 64-bit
  • H.265
  • 4K UCD
  • OS - Android 5.1
  • RAM 2GB
  • ROM 16GB
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

Let's be honest, Android TV isn't illegal.  In fact if you want the most legitimate way to watch movies free online now you can just purchase one of those boxes directly from the site.  Of course, the free ones probably aren't what you are looking for and it's going to be whatever apps you connect like Netflix where you can watch movies but of course, you'd need to have a subscription to that service to watch those movies.  It's a great entertainment system and it beats what is out on the market today.  But what makes the Rominetak Q-Box unique is the installation of a few key apps and none of the major players are going to install that for you.

Here is a video you should watch right now that details how you are going to watch movies free online now using the Rominetak Q-Box.  This is all you need.  No more websites.  All the sites on the internet are nothing but junk that can only be used by the most technically savvy.  Movie websites are not links you would want to send to your parents.

Hopefully you just watched the video above and have somewhat of an idea of just how powerful this little box really is for the price.  If you want to watch movies free online now that includes older movies to stuff still in theaters (not the best though) this Q-Box is for you.  You can watch your favorite movies online without downloading within minutes of plugging this in.  I do recommend having one for each location as it's easier but not necessary.  If you like carrying it from room to room you can do that.  Or get a 2nd one for another media location.  They are not dependent on each other, only that you have a functional internet connection.

I have friends that ask me if I use websites to watch movies or if I download them.  I do not.   Fire up my Q-Box and use my Kodi media center to watch movies free online now without downloading them to my computer.  Online streaming is what this Q-Box does best!

Are movie streaming sites legal?  There's a great opinion piece you might want to read about this topic.  Most people use the Q-Box for online movie streaming only without downloading or broadcasting anything.  I suggest you use it in this manner as well.  Watch your favorite movies without downloading them and if you love it so much you want a personal copy then go buy the Blue-Ray DVD.

In my next post, I will detail my best setup for the Rominetak Q-Box.  While it functions very well out of the box, with a few simple tweaks, this will almost never have to buffer and you will get an even better selection to watch movies free online now.

I watch movies online for free and legally!  Here's how I do it and you can too.  There are so many websites that promise you can watch movies online without paying and without downloading anything.  Most of them if not all of them are sales funnels to get you to purchase something.  The worst are the ones that look legit and start to play said movie but quits 5 seconds past the Ratings page and asks you to sign up for a free account.  Little do you know, it's not free.  No legitimate site will ask for a credit card up front for a free account.  Think about it?

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Can you really watch HD movies online free without paying or downloading anything?  You can but not like most people think.  Most people think you do a search for the phrase "watch hd movies online free" and you will see a list of websites.  While it is true you will see sites listed claiming you can watch your favorite movies online free, they are nothing but scams.  There is only one real safe way to do it.  I am going to tell you how I watch movies online without downloading.

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Here is how to watch movies free online without downloading anything.  All you need is an internet connection and a cheap Q-Box.  There's no sign up fees, subscriptions, hidden programs or anything more to buy ever to watch all your favorite movies and tv shows anytime.  It sounds too good to be true so let me dive into the details.

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